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Summersky: Serving High-End Customers with Blue Stones from Zambia

Note: This project is ready to invest. A business plan already exists.
Further information can be provided on request after signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The Company

Summersky Zambia Ltd. is a small-scale mining company in Zambia that is producing dimension blocks, boulders, and rough stones from Gneiss with blue Sodalite in small quantities for export. The company has erected the mining site on its own property which is located only 50 km north of Lusaka, Zambia’s capital city. The company is owned by a German entrepreneur and some private individuals from Germany and Zambia.

Summersky Zambia is already selling its products to wholesalers in Zambia and Europe (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, ets.). Expansion capital of €500,000 is needed for increasing production, opening up new markets, and moving up the value chain by producing slabs and tiles under the proprietary brand name KATUBA BLUE™ for the attractive premium market of blue natural stones. Given the high quality of the blue stones and the easy accessability of the deposit, the business promises to be very lucrative.

Zambia is considered as a stable and peaceful country with a legal framework and tax regime that is investor friendly.

How the result of the current Presidential elections (January 2015) will affect the reform path of the former government is yet to be seen.

The property (mining site) is situated within Katuba in the Karubwe Forest Reserve. It can be reached from Lusaka within 1.5 hours.

Products, markets, and customers

Dimension Blocks

These are necessary for the production of slabs and tiles. They are fabricated by drilling with jackhammers and cut with diamond-wire-saws. International standard measurement is 1.50 x 1.40 x 2.50 meters as a good size to be cutted with stone cut machines, i.e. blade saw. In many cases a greater dimension in length, up to 3 meters, is desirable. The dimension of our blocks is only limited by weight, as the maximum allowance for transportation in standard containers by road and train to the seaports is 20 tons.

Market participants of the natural stone industry all over the world are very keen on offering blue colored stones to their customers. This business is always looking for new interesting stones. The market covers Europe, the Americas, Middle and Far East, especially the Arab Countries, the Asian Tigers and of course China.


Boulders are raw stones produced by blasting in different sizes and shapes. They are used for decorative applications in landscaping, well-fountains and memorials. The weight ranges from 5 kg up to 5,000 kg. Most boulders are ranging from 50 to 300 kg.

Customers of this product are wholesalers, including landscape planners and architects. In the past, we have sold several tons of KATUBA Blue stones in Germany alone, but there is a global market for this product.

Slabs and Tiles

The high end option is production of primary products like slabs and tiles. These products are cut from blocks into slabs from 6 mm (thinly laminated) up to 40 or 60 mm in the size of the block, e.g. 1.50 x 2.50 Meters. The surface can be polished, honed, flamed or brushed to customer’s request. From a block of 1.50 x 1.40 x 2.50m, approx. 35 slabs of 20 mm can be produced, totaling to approx. 130 m².

Slabs can be used for outdoor tables and work plates in kitchens, while tiles are good for furnishing bathrooms with formidable stylish elements. Both slabs and tiles can be used for high quality finishings in commercial buildings like hotels, banks, company headquarters, and last but not least the outfit of private airplanes and yachts).

  Stone Chips

Small pieces with a good content of blue color can be made as stone chips, useful for Venetian Mosaic or other decorative applications. Parts with less blue or grey color are good for some uses for road construction as mineral aggregate. Fine pure blue crystals are very interesting for jewellers as gemstones for fine jewellery like braceletts, colliers, fingerrings etc. In addition there is a demand for such stones for using as Healing Stones in the Esoteric Scene.

Market for high grade blue chips is also worlwide at any places were fine decorative surfaces are sought after. As the blue color is very rare, such stone ships can be sold at very high prices. Stone chips that have less blue components or are of ordinary grey color will be sold to the local construction industry around Lusaka.

The Mineral Deposit

The plot is underlined by calcareous Gneiss which is cut by Sodalite veins. The Gneiss is also found with disseminated Sodalite, giving an attractive whitish blue competent rock.

The occurrence which was found in 1999 covers an area of approx. 5,000 square meters. At this area the stone is visible on the surface as an outcrop. Geologists anticipate that the percentage of blue components will rise when we get deeper. A well has been drilled, and the blue material could be found until a depth of 130 meters.

The small-scale mining permit has been renewed in August 2010 and and allows mining until 2020 and, after a further reneval, beyond that date.

Mining works resumed in December 2014.

Summersky also owns a prospecting license for a deposit of black gneiss in North East Zambia. First exploration activities in late 2014 yielded good results.

Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility

The company owners are engaging themselves in upgrading the living standard of the surrounding community by introducing and running a number of programs and initiatives. Some social projects have already been started successfully. The projects are funded by a non-for-profit trust that is financed through the owner's family and private individuals in Germany as donors.

The existing social and environmental projects include

  • The educational programmes of the schools through student-sponsorship of children from needy families.
  • Development of a garden formal school that shall contribute to food security.
  • A Child Development Foundation which is registered with the Registrar of Societies, which also assists other needy persons.
  • A Sporting Club called Summersky Football Club