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Mobile IT Solutions, Germany / Cameroon / Pan Africa

Unique direct investment opportunity in the fast growing market for mobile IT solutions in one of the most dynamic countries in the world

Why invest in Africa?

Africa is one of the most dynamic growth regions in the world, second only to developing Asia. According to CEPR and Citibank Research and Analysis , Africa’s share of world GDP (measured in 2009 purchase power parity USD) will grow from 4% in 2010 to 7% in 2030 and 12% in 2050, while Western Europe will shrink from 19% in 2010 to 7% in 2050 and North America from 22% to 11%. Africa is the next big thing!

In general, the underdevelopment of many African countries in many aspects of business life represents major business and investment opportunities. Utilities and microfinance in particular belong to the classic growth sectors that will benefit from population growth, urbanization, growing purchasing power, and globalization.

Business Overview

Maviance has developed a Smart Mobile Application Platform which is a scalable and extensible technology foundation to aggregate

This Smart Mobile Application Platform is especially useful for corporate clients and their end customers in African markets. The market environment in Africa is very attractive, allowing a quick market entry in various countries, because the products will lead to need satisfaction, cost reduction, and more effective processes.

Products and Targeted Sectors

The company has developed industry specific solutions for the following sectors:


The Mobile Metering System is a wireless application with a remote server component that uses the flexibility and availability of mobile phone networks to provide field operators with a full functionality to perform meter readings as well as the Head Office with solutions for billing, reporting and management.

Key problems of utility companies addressed by our solution include unauthorized consumption, dissatisfied customers, high costs of claims management, inefficient meter reading process, and fraudulent metering.


In the Mobile Microfinance System, the field collectors of interest and redemption payments are provided with a full functionality needed to improve their productivity.

Key problems of microfinance institutes and banks addressed by our solution include lost customer deposits resulting from defaults on unauthorized loans, inefficient processes as a result of double entries within a paper based bookkeeping system, long queues of customers.

3. The Mobile Bill Payment systemSmobilpay” will be beneficial primarily for utility companies and governments.    
4. The Mobile Insurance system (development stage) will address the needs of insurance companies.    
5. The Mobile Sales Automation system (concept stage) aims at any companies with mobile sales forces.    

The architecture meets the following requirements that are equal for all industry specific solutions:

Data encryption on device and server as well as during transit over mobile networks
Access Control Password protection, different user roles and permissions restrict who does what on the system
Device Support Supports Smartphones, mobile phones, Point of Sale devices (POS) and web browsers
Integration Allows for connectivity via Web services, REST, databases, and custom channels to integrate into any enterprise infrastructure
Traceability All transactions done on the system are logged to identify who, did what, when and why
Reporting Engine Integrates a powerful reporting engine to provide managers sliced and diced statistics and reports as they need
Extensibility The application is modular, allowing for new modules to be added to meet customer needs

The Company

The existing company, based in Leipzig, and maviance Cameroon shall be transferred into a Special Purpose Vehicle. Additional subsidiaries in other African countries will be founded when marketing activities in these countries begin.

At the end of 2016, the company’s footprint in Africa shall include 10 countries.

Note: This project is ready to invest. A business plan exists.
Further information can be provided on request after signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement.