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Projects of Trans Africa Invest

We are currently working on the following projects:

Name Object Country (Region) Kind of project Investment size Remarks
Prior Mobile IT / Health Care South Africa (Pan Africa) Early stage $2-10m Cost-effective access to Health Care for the millions who cannot afford medical scheme cover through mobile applications
Land & Property Land acquisition and property development Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya, others Greenfield (own) from $20m Project can be divided into sub-projects, depending on strategy, risk profile and preferred ticket size of investors
DUSERO Low-Volume Secondary Roads Ghana; Pan Africa Greenfield (own) €7m Businessplan exists
Lasaco Hotel Apartment Hotel at prime location in the CBD of Lagos Island Nigeria Private Equity 19m € High demand for top-quality apartments in the financial district of Lagos
Maviance Mobile IT solutions for utility companies and microfinance institutes Cameroon, Pan Africa Greenfield 1-5m€ Smart Mobile Application Platform as a good solution for common problems in Africa
DRC Gold High grade gold mine Dem. Rep. of Congo Greenfield from 500.000 € Small scale mining in East Congo (North Kivu Province)
Summersky Blue Natural Stones / Sodalite Quarry Zambia M&A or Private Equity 500.000 € Producing company,existing customers
SSA 1 Kapenta Fish Farming Zambia M&A $2m Transaction closed

Own projects

Africa has to deal with many problems, scarcities, and gaps so products and business concepts that can solve these problems and overcome hindrances will offer attractive business opportunities.

Together with our African partners we have identified some attractive markets and lucrative market niches that we want to explore with tailor-made solutions. Depending on the scope of work, different kinds of projects can be developed:

Projects of this kind are not limited to a specific country, but can be realized in several countries, either at the same time or subsequently.

Third parties‘ projects

Projects that are brought to our desk by third parties will be analyzed and valued by us. If they fulfill our quality requirements they will be posted on this website.


All material in this section investment projects is for information purposes only. It focuses solely on direct investments into projects and companies.

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