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Creating Wealth by Harnessing Opportunities in Africa

By Hartmut Sieper, Lauri Elliott, Nissi Ekpott

Did you know that Africa is a hidden treasure God has prepared to help you restore and/or multiply your assets?

An overwhelming majority of the Church believes that Africa is a place that needs to be saved from poverty, disease, and conflict. While these are realities, God’s picture is very different. Africa will be a part of God’s blueprint to save the world and to transfer wealth to His Kingdom.

This is the time for Africa to arise and shine (Isaiah 60:1)! It is time for Africa to fulfill its Kingdom destiny in all Seven Mountains – media, government, religion, education, family, celebration/arts, and economy. This book will help align you with God’s work in the business and economy sphere in Africa to usher wealth into God’s purposes, your storehouses, into Africa, and to the rest of the world.

This book is based on prophecy and biblical premise for Africa’s position in the Kingdom brought from Heaven to Earth. But, we will also share current signs, strategies, and practical pathways to tap into the wealth that God has placed in Africa ,both spiritual and natural.

You will learn: