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Grow Rich in the New Africa

By Hartmut Sieper, Lauri Elliott, Nissi Ekpott

Africa can be the answer to create your next successful business or wealth.

Africa is expected to outperform Asia in growth over in the next five years (2011-15), according to the Economist. And, it also projects that seven of the top 10 fastest growing economies in the world come from Africa – Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Republic of Congo, Ghana, Zambia, and Nigeria. These numbers are impressive, but they do not reveal the myriad of opportunities and alternative strategies to do business in Africa.

Grow Rich in the New Africa presents a number of opportunities and strategies so that entrepreneurs, investors, and SMEs can piece together unique strategy configurations to be successful in Africa. It extends the coverage first presented in Redefining Business in the New Africa.

Some of what you will learn includes:

The authors have put together their collective expertise, and that of other experts and entrepreneurs, to help you make the most of the opportunities in Africa in a strategic and practical way.