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Ethics Guideline

Business Conduct based on Christian Values

Our corporate value system is based on the values of Christian faith. It embraces integrity and truthfulness, justice and uprightness, innovation and industriousness, authority and prudent stewardship, excellence and customer-focus. We expect our management, employees and our local representatives in the African countries to not only accept, but also live by these values.

Benefit for all

Our activities shall create win-win situations for investors, as well as employees and the management of the local companies and the local community, by avoiding abusive exploitation of nations and environment. Our projects shall contribute to wealth creation on local, regional and national levels by employing ethical business principles.

Profit optimization instead of profit-maximization

Trans Africa Invest is not solely focused on the three classical criteria of investing; security, liquidity and profitability of an investment. We are looking for profit optimization, not profit-maximization. We are convinced that companies, which are willing to reconcile economic, ecological, social and cultural targets, do not only contribute to an adequate management of business risks but also realize significant competitive advantages. Acknowledging these principles, they also earn a double profit for their shareholders – as demonstrated by scientific analysis.

Charitable Use of Profits

As a company with an ethical responsibility, we are not only taking care of how profits are generated, but also how they are used. It is part of our corporate values to donate at least 10 percent of our consolidated profits (before tax) to non-profit organizations in order to support charitable and humanitarian projects.

Value based investment philosophy

We conduct our business on the basis of Christian values as stipulated in the Bible. First and foremost, they stand for a commitment to human dignity, regardless of race or cultural origin. They also include the promotion of peace, justice and public wealth,as well as the protection of the Creation.

Negative Screening

We have developed a set of defined risk elements which exclude a company of becoming a target for potential investment, regardless of the performance and profit of such company. These negative criteria include ethically controversial business sectors (i.e.weapons, drugs, gambling, tobacco) as well as morally inacceptable business behaviors(i.e. child labor, massive destruction of the environment, serious illegal business conduct).

The Criteria for Sustainable Ethical Investments (Positive Screening)

In our analysis of private equity investments, we take into account whether and to which extent the target company achieves the following criteria for a positive ethical sustainability at the time of our evaluation. For start-up or venture-capital investments we expect such contribution to be achieved in a suitable time-frame, based on our reasonable prognosis. The requirements for the achievement of the criteria may vary according to the specific circumstances of the individual investment, its business sector and the legal, social and cultural environment in a country.

From an economic perspective we take into account whether

For investments in Africa the following targets have a particular significance:

From an ecological (environmental) perspective we take into account whether profit making is consistent with the

Ecological criteria for investments in Africa include:

From a social and cultural perspective we take into account whether profit making is consistent with the responsibility for employees and the social and cultural requirements of the general community. This includes the following parameters:

In this context, investments in Africa –subject to the specific circumstances – should also contribute to a