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Vision and Mission


We are convinced that African markets offer superior investment and business opportunities. We participate in these attractive, yet often overlooked, growth markets and connect them with European and international markets, companies and investors.


We create, develop and support businesses, companies and capital markets with profitable and sustainable business models in African countries through strategic and financial investments from both local and global sources.

Core Values

Our value system, based on Christian ethics, embraces integrity and truthfulness, justice and uprightness, innovation and industriousness, authority and prudent stewardship, excellence and order.

Our activities create win-win situations for managers and staff, local people and foreign investors by avoiding exploitation of nations and environment. Our projects should contribute to wealth creation on local, regional and national levels by employing biblical business principles.

Technologies for Africa

The introduction of established and new technologies into african and global markets is the sphere of business of our strategic partner Transformative Technologies in Mauritius.