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Books on Africa written by Hartmut Sieper

Grow Rich in the New Africa

By Hartmut Sieper, Lauri Elliott, Nissi Ekpott, Nwakego Eyisi

Africa can be the answer to create your next successful business or wealth.

Africa is expected to outperform Asia in growth over in the next five years (2011-15), according to the Economist. And, it also projects that seven of the top 10 fastest growing economies in the world come from Africa – Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Republic of Congo, Ghana, Zambia, and Nigeria. These numbers are impressive, but they do not reveal the myriad of opportunities and alternative strategies to do business in Africa.

Grow Rich in the New Africa presents a number of opportunities and strategies so that entrepreneurs, investors, and SMEs can piece together unique strategy configurations to be successful in Africa. It extends the coverage first presented in Redefining Business in the New Africa.

Some of what you will learn includes:

The authors have put together their collective expertise, and that of other experts and entrepreneurs, to help you make the most of the opportunities in Africa in a strategic and practical way.

Redefining Business in the New Africa

By Lauri Elliott, Nissi Ekpott, Hartmut Sieper

The landscape for business in Africa is changing. Are you ready for it?

2001-2010 proved to be a transitional decade for Africa, ushering in a new image and status for the continent. Africa began to show it was truly shaking the shackles of its colonial and chaotic past. Now that the New Africa has arrived, what does that mean? And, what does it mean for business?

On almost every issue that has been pegged a negative for Africa – population boom, poverty, disease, governance, economic instability, and conflicts – there is evidence of a growing shift in the other direction. Businesses need to wake up and proactively shift to this new reality, or paradigm. While business principles apply across any market, businesses need to adapt their strategies to the context of Africa to be successful and understand that Africa is one of the key regional markets in the next generation of business.

Redefining Business in the New Africa sets out to establish a new baseline and framework for engagement in Africa, which reflects the current and future trends of a region headed for emerging market status. While Africa still has to deal with legacy issues, the power of its “now” and future is greater.

In this book, you will learn about:

Get ready to rock and roll in this new era for business in Africa!

Creating Wealth by Harnessing Opportunities in Africa

By Hartmut Sieper, Lauri Elliott, Nissi Ekpott

Did you know that Africa is a hidden treasure God has prepared to help you restore and/or multiply your assets?

An overwhelming majority of the Church believes that Africa is a place that needs to be saved from poverty, disease, and conflict. While these are realities, God’s picture is very different. Africa will be a part of God’s blueprint to save the world and to transfer wealth to His Kingdom.

This is the time for Africa to arise and shine (Isaiah 60:1)! It is time for Africa to fulfill its Kingdom destiny in all Seven Mountains – media, government, religion, education, family, celebration/arts, and economy. This book will help align you with God’s work in the business and economy sphere in Africa to usher wealth into God’s purposes, your storehouses, into Africa, and to the rest of the world.

This book is based on prophecy and biblical premise for Africa’s position in the Kingdom brought from Heaven to Earth. But, we will also share current signs, strategies, and practical pathways to tap into the wealth that God has placed in Africa ,both spiritual and natural.

You will learn:

Cape of Good Business - Strategies for Long-term Success in South Africa

The book ‘Am Kap der guten Geschäfte - Strategien für langfristigen Erfolg in Südafrika’ written by Hartmut Sieper, Reiner Hesse and Jörg Bauer, with contributions by Gillian Landman, Daniela Molzbichler, Bryan Sidders, and Martin Sturmer, describes how to be successful in doing business in South Africa.

For more information about this book, which is written in German language only, please go to Am Kap der guten Geschäfte.

Investments in Africa - The Wealth of the Black Continent

The book ‘Investieren in Afrika - Der Reichtum des schwarzen Kontinents’ written by Hartmut Sieper describes the most interesting business sectors and most promising countries that offer a widebig variety of attractive investment of business opportunities to forward-looking investors and businesspeople. This book of 500 pages, published in 2008 by one of the most respected publishing companies in Germany, has become the benchmark book about investments in Africa on the German-speaking book market

For more information about this book, which is written in German language only, please go to Investieren in Afrika.