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Prior Mobile, South Africa

Sector: Mobile Application / Healthcare

Theme: Access to Health Care for the millions who cannot afford medical scheme cover

Early stage - Equity / Debt capital - $2-10 million

The Company

The Prior Group is a unique Healthcare Management / Consulting Company, with 30 years of experience operating in the South African healthcare industry (16 years as Prior), led by the CEO Bryan Sidders and Protase Zingwiro with his company Linapax - as the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) equity partner. The Prior Group consists of Prior International and the operations entity, Prior Ditema.

We focus on strategizing solutions to national problems in health delivery and achieve this by way of applying cellular technology to bring simple, cost effective mobile solutions to a population inundated with confusing medical products and packages.

We specialize in working with corporate employers – with our value proposition of Mobile Health and Mobile pre-paid Discounted Airtime.
In striving for a broader, more pragmatic solution to help the mass target market gain access to health, we have included Africa in our target market group.

Market Overview

  • There are a potential 10 million people in the South African market alone who are employed but uninsured. This is our target market.
  • However, healthcare is a very complex and dynamic market. The end product has to be very simple to understand & use and had to ride on an existing infrastructure to keep costs down to ensure it would be sustainable – hence Mobile Phone based, by using existing cellular infrastructure.
  • The advantages of mobile technology in health delivery have been grossly underutilized in the healthcare industry, especially regarding bringing - simple to use - cost effective solutions that are mobile based. Mobile technology is the future!
  • Market research has shown that there is a major need in the South African healthcare market for simple, affordable access to health services.
  • The Prior solution allows employers to provide access to health, fast and cost effectively, resulting in a happier employee being more productive. In addition to this, given the labour market landscape - labour unions are pressing for Equality of Employee Benefits – and Prior is providing a means to achieve this.
  • The mass market is very familiar with the mobile pre-paid concept. It is within this context, that we are confident the Prior brand will be received with enthusiasm and success in the market.

The Products

We have developed a ‘bundle’ of mobile products that form Prior’s value proposition. The patented Prior Mobile© products consist of:

Strategy Overview

Our Sales and Marketing strategy is based on the fundamental belief that our product allows the lower income earner who is employed, but uninsured to have access to medical assistance at any given time.

In alignment with our Mission - our strategy focuses on three key principles:

Delivery of our strategy is a two phased process:

  1. The first phase focuses on the development of corporate employers and the testing of our software technology. This will be implemented in the form of a trial period that will run for approximately 3 months starting in July 2014. It will be tested in the Rustenburg.
    This phase involves the utilization of medical services via a medical practitioner and clinic. The mobile voucher is distributed via an identified broker, a retail outlet and one corporate employer.
  2. Phase two involves the opening of other distribution channels throughout South Africa. It is our strategy to leverage the relationships formed from selling the mobile voucher solution to our distribution channels.


Marketing and Distribution

Our marketing instruments will include:

Our product shall be distributed through a multi- distribution channel system. Players in our distribution channel are payable by a commission driven model.

Financial Summary

Prior is seeking debt and/or equity capital of $2 million for the market entry and rollout in South Africa, while expansion into other countries is not included in this budget.

For further expansion, more capital will be needed. Therefore, the ticket size for potential investors can be increased significantly, up to $10 million in total.

A detailed business plan is available on request after signing a non-disclosure agreement.