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Strategy Advisory

Strategy Advisory

1. Initial Meeting

In the initial meeting, two consultants, one with an African background and the other with a European background, take about three hours in order to get to know you and your company. On the basis of comprehensive preparation we get a personal impression about your concern, and will discuss with you the next steps, delineating first approaches.

This discussion shall allow you to analyze your project together with us in order to decide if and how you will pursue the project. If you want to continue developing your project, we will outline a specific concept for future collaboration. This service amounts to €950 plus tax.

2. Development of a specific business project

Our core strength is the practical development of business ideas and entrepreneurial concepts, customized for African markets. If you want to get involved in a specific sphere of business or area in Africa, we bring in our local expertise, together with our partners on the ground. We will work collectively on your ideas and enable you to develop a comprehensive business plan. Or we can do the business plan for you.

Goals of the consultancy


Time and cost