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Cross-Cultural Coaching & Training with Trans Africa Invest

Cross-Cultural Coaching & Training

In the globalized world of today, entrepreneurs, project managers, and employees of international corporations have to master new challenges of cooperation. If you have across cultural competence and a good command of the rules of international communication, you will be able to spot early chances in a foreign country, better realize business opportunities, and better reduce risk than your competitors.

However, what does the reality look like? Even if you think to know your neighbors and business partner well, foreign business cultures have their own cross-cultural characteristics. People of different cultures behave in a different way from you in the same situation which is a result of different language and education, verbal and nonverbal communication, management styles and negotiation tactics.

The resulting misconception and conflict can

In today's business the ability of managers to successfully communicate with people of foreign cultures becomes an essential element in international cooperation.

In our cross-cultural training, we build bridges and relationships between business people from Africa and from the German-speaking cultural area. We want you to build better partnerships at eye level on the basis of human appraisal and mutual trust.

You can realize the following results through our cross-cultural coaching and training: