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Business Opportunities for large companies and corporations

Our Products and services of Trans Africa Invest for large companies and corporations:

Problem / Task / Requirement Offer / Solution / Customer's Benefit
As a major company you do not want to be present only in South Africa, but want to expand into other African markets, too. We do the market and competition analyses for your dedicated locations and work on suitable market entry strategies.
You are looking for effective and low-cost approaches to test the acceptability of your products and services for African markets. We represent your company locally and explore the market for you. We search for and acquire reliable domestic staff; you cover the cost for instruction and training.
You want to sell your products in Africa by benefiting from the Made in Germany bonus without establishing your own market presence. We integrate your company or your products into line of business-oriented platform concepts for high-quality german products and services.

This solution offers an optimal cost-benefit-ratio with low risk and a lot of flexibility.

You want to sell your products and services in African markets but you can not afford to build up your own sales structure. We set up a sales agency for you or connect you with capable domestic companies which are qualified for a co-operational partnership or founding a joint venture.
You want to sell African products on international markets and you are looking for qualified partners who are able to purchase on African buying markets to favourable conditions. We organize import and transportation of African products with support of capable African partners. We will focus on delivery reliability and constant quality. Domestic market participants often have bigger room to negotiate companies than "rich" European companies.