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Operative Umsetzung von Projekten in Afrika mit Trans Africa Invest

Investment Opportunities for Financial Investors

Products and services of Trans Africa Invest for:

Problem / Task / Requirement Offer / Solution / Customer's Benefit
You want to study the African capital markets.

You want to invest a part of your portfolio in African securities.

Contact us.

In German-speaking areas we belong to the pioneers that are specialized in african growth markets with an integral plan.

You are managing clients' funds. You want to let your clients participate from the growth opportunities in Africa. We advise you in questions about strategy and tactics, country and sector allocation, selection of brokers in African countries.
You want to offer an appropriate investment product to your customers, which will cover the African region. We offer custom-made solutions for the issuance of index products.
You are aware of the opportunities in African capital markets but you cannot evaluate the risk properly. We address your concerns and possible solutions in a customized workshop about risk evaluation and management.

Note: Investment advisory (Anlageberatung) with individual recommendations as described in § 1 Abs. 1a Satz 2 KWG will not be offered.