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M&A-Beratung in Afrika mit Trans Africa Invest

M&A advisory

We provide comprehensive advice on the acquisition or sale of companies, divisions, or affiliates, in Africa. Our approach starts with your strategic decision to initiate a transaction and ends with its successful completion.

Africa is different

A lot of additional factors have to be considered in M&A transactions in Africa, compared with typical requirements of corporate finance in Western markets. In most cases, these factors are essential for successfully concluding a transaction. We are working with proprietary due diligence lists that are adjusted for the African context, as well as to specific countries and economic sectors.

In complex business cases, a well guided multi-stakeholder dialogue is critical for successfully negotiating the legal and commercial framework of a deal. Exact knowledge of the local market, a good intuition on decision-makers’ motives, and cross-cultural competency belong to the strength of our local partners.

Post Merger Integration

After the acquisition of a company, it is necessary to incorporate it quickly yet carefully into the existing structure. The merger of different company cultures is playing a decisive role for sustainable success. This is especially true for Africa. Our cross-cultural coaches and trainers can support your management and staff in overcoming these challenges.

Strategic Partners

Our clients will be able to benefit through our strategic cooperation with SynCap and Clairfield International as these are experienced independent M&A advisory firms with a long track record of advising on cross-border projects.