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Services at a Glance

Trans Africa Invest offers services to the following clients:

Client group Clients Services
Financial Investors
  • Banks
  • Mutual funds
  • Institutional investors
  • Asset managers
  • Family offices
  • Investment advisers
  • Private equity funds
  • High net worth individuals
- Investment strategies for the growth markets in Africa
- Portfolio strategies: Country and sector allocation
- Portfolio steering: Selection of local brokerage firms
- Assessment, valuation and reduction of investment risks
- Investment advisory for mutual funds
- Presentations on Africa (on client events)
- Planning and accomplishment of business trips for investors

Strategic Investors
  • Industrial companies
  • Trading companies
  • Service companies
  • Strategically oriented private equity funds
- Search for investment projects
- Screening of investment projects
- Search for and negotiation with co-investors
- Project management
- Moderation of negotiations
- Multi stakeholder dialogue
- Cross-cultural trainings and workshops

Large Companies
  • Concerns
  • Multinational companies
  • Corporate groups
- Market and competitive analyses
- Market entry strategies
- Feasibility studies
- Location studies
- Sales agency
- Search for cooperation, sales, or joint venture partners
- Procurement through local partnering firms
  • Small and medium sized companies
  • Enterpreneurs
- Market evaluation
- Agency abroad
- sector oriented platform conzepts
- Sales agency
- Search for cooperation, sales, or joint venture partners
- Procurement through local partnering firms
- Executive search
Social Investors
  • Ethic oriented institutional investors
  • Impact investors
  • NGOs
  • Charitable organizations
  • Social Responsibility Programs of companies
- CSR advisory
- Combination of social projects with commercial projects
- Development of social projects to profitable enterprises
- Moderation of negotiations
- Multi stakeholder dialogue
- Cross-cultural trainings and workshops
Religious Bodies
  • Churches
  • Missionaries
  • Ministries
- Development and structuring of ethical investment products
- Investment alternatives beyond the traditional financial system
- Structuring, advisory and management of ethical private equity funds
- Activation of existing assets
  • African Countries, States, Counties, Regions
  • Municipalities
  • Free trade zones
  • Special economic zones
  • Investment agencies
  • Institutions
  • Organizations
- Conceptual design of Public Private Partnerships
- Relationship of common public interest and profit orientation
- Development of ethical investment concepts
- Location marketing
- Teachings and training to economic and financial subjects
- Inclusion of the private sector into development programs

The services of Trans Africa Invest can be classified as follows:

Service Goals, Content Process Sequence and Costs
Strategic consulting (initial consultation)
  • We get to know you and your company.
  • Delineating first approaches.
  • Analysis of your project together with you in order to support your decisionbmaking process.
  • Outline of a specific concept for future collaboration.
- Initial consultation of approx. three hours
- Consulting fee: €950 plus tax.
Strategy advisory
  • Revue of an initial idea regarding practicability
    • Collaboration of market analysis or feasibility study, if applicable
  • Further development of the business concept to a viable business model in Africa
    • Elaboration of a realizable business plan,if applicable
  • Provision of critical understanding of conditions in the target market
  • Development of custom tailored solutions with regard to the product in the target market
  • Research of relevant information for your business case: Local peculiarities, location factors, legal framework, etc.
  • Consulting module: it usually takes two days. However, we are flexible to meet your specific need.
  • If we decide to implement the projects together, we conclude a remuneration scheme that includes fixed fees as well as success based components.
  • If we do a market analysis, a feasibility study, or a business plan, we usually work on daily rates or a lump-sum fee.


Implementation advisory
  • Check of the existing business model in the African context
  • Development of custom tailored solutions with regard to the product in the target market
  • Identification of the ideal location
  • Assistance in implementing the business case on the spot in Africa
  • Introduction to specialized local partners (customers, vendors, cooperation partners)
  • Collective business trip into the target country and introduction into the relevant networks
  • Attendance in dealing with authorities
  • Support in human resources management
The time frame will be determined according to your needs.
The definition of three distinct sections has been proved to be very practical:

  1. The first section normally lasts one day.It includes a discussion of the business model, search for locations, and preparation of the consulting project.
  2. After a comprehensive business plan has been written, it will be finally discussed in the second section. After that, the business trip to Africa will be prepared.
  3. The third section includes the journey to Africa, lasting for 3 to 7 days.


Expert monitoring, consulting, or supervision on running projects
  • Supporting you in your running engagement in Africa or after having developed a business model together with you.
  • Assisting you in implementing your projects, optimizing processes, and offering solutions for acute problems.
  • Making political contacts for lobbying and investment protection.

Depending on our mandate we offer several options:

  • Allocation of a permanent contact person for solving current problems that might occur at your Africa related projects.
  • Allocation of qualified staff in Europe and/or Africa to your companyfor a certain period of time that work on the implementation of current projects, i.e. as interim manager, business consultants, sector expert, or advisory board member.
  • Regular consulting services in fixed intervals.
Representation of European companies in Africa
  • Market evaluation
  • In-depth market research
  • Local representation of your company
  • Search for local managers and staff
  • Increase of the local footprint of your company step by step
  • If desired: Acting as your sales representative


- To be defined depending on our mandate.

Sales agency
  • Market entry and sale of your products on African markets
  • Search for local cooperation partners regarding marketing and sales, after-Sales, repair, and maintenance

- Sales Agency: success fee based on transactions
- Acquisition of partner firms: one-time remuneration on successful conclusion of a partnering agreement

Acquisition of capital
  • Company valuation
  • Corporate finance advisory
  • Strategic, financial and legal structuring of your project
  • Search for strategic and/or financial investors
  • Search for public funding bodies (i.e. international organizations, development banks)
  • Contacting and conduct of negotiations
  • Multi stakeholder dialogue

- Business consulting, corporate finance advisory: lump-sum fee
- Acquisition of investors: combination of retainer (one-time or monthly) and success fee based on transactions

M&A advisory
  • Search for potential projects / target companies through our local and international networks (buy-side mandate)
  • Search for potential buyers(sell-side mandate)
  • Company valuation
  • Short-listing of targets/candidates
  • Contacting and conduct of negotiations
  • Multi stakeholder dialogue
Combination of
- retainer (one-time or monthly) and
- success fee based on transactions
CSR advisory
  • Initial discussion with appraisal and targeting
  • Formulation and presentation of a project draft with short description, SWOT analysis, arrangements of possible options and rough estimate of costs
  • Discussion of the project, including adjustments, leading to developing a draft of a preliminary project timeline
  • Information research and establishment of important contacts before start of project; research and proposal of potential project partners
  • Project development - either together with you or mainly through us
  • Fine tuning of the project plan, including time planning, budgeting, definition of milestones and stopping points
  • Local project management; educational measures if applicable
  • Comprehensive documentation of the project that can be used by you for public relations activities


- To be defined depending on our mandate.
Cross-cultural coaching and training
  • Building bridges and relationships between business people from Africa and from the German-speaking cultural area.
  • Establishing better partnerships at eye level on the basis of human appraisal and mutual trust.
  • Enabling better business relationships through less misunderstandings.
  • Increasing societal and political acceptance.
  • Safeguarding your return on investment.
- Coaching of individuals: Daily or hourly rates
- Training of groups (i.e. employees): lump-sum fee based on number of participants
Political advisory
  • Contacting
  • Lobbying
- To be defined depending on our mandate.